IT w/o custom hardware has no future

2019 IMAX(near-memory customizable systolic array)on sale(contact:nakashim(at))

2019 8/28-30 NAIST Summer Seminar for B3 "Basics of 100x efficient Systolic Array"

2019 8/5-7 for SSH "Introduction to 100x efficient Systolic Array"

2019 xSIG:Outstanding Originality Award, Jun Iwamoto "CGRA Cascading for Narrow Memory Bandwidth and Low Cost"

2018 ATC2018 Best Paper Award, Tuan-Kiet Tran "Demonstration of A Visible Light Receiver Using Rolling-Shutter Smartphone Camera"

2018 xSIG:Best M1 Student Award, Yuria Hiraga "共有CNNを用いた高効率な分割推論実行モデル"

2018 電子情報通信学会関西支部学生会研究発表講演会奨励賞, 菊谷雄真 "エッジコンピューティング向けアクセラレータの実装と評価"

2017 IC-TECS 2017 1'st Prize in Poster Presentation, Dinh-Dung Le "A Precise Indoor Localization System with Fixed Visible Light Communication LEDs for Smart Shopping"

2017 CANDAR'17 Outstanding Paper Award, Renyuan Zhang "A Feasibility Study of Programmable Analog Calculation Unit for Approximate Computing"

2017 xSIG:Outstanding M2 Student Award, Keisuke Fujimoto "A Multi-Level Power-Capping Mechanism for FPGAs"

2017 ICFCC Best Oral Presentation Award, Duc Phuc Nguyen "A Multi-mode Error-Correction Solution based on Split-Concatenation for Wireless Sensor Nodes"

2017 情報処理学会コンピュータサイエンス領域研究会推薦博士論文, Yuttakonkit Yuttakon "GPU Optimization and Hardware Acceleration for Light-field Image Processing"

2015 CPSY優秀若手講演賞, 亀田友哉 "セルラニューラルネットワークのシミュレータ開発と評価"

2015 電子情報通信学会コンピュータシステム研究会優秀若手デモ/ポスタ賞, 嶋谷知 "OculusRiftとメニコアシミュレータによる計算ボトルネック可視化システム"

2015 情報処理学会システム・アーキテクチャ研究会若手奨励賞, 枝元正寛 "ニアメモリ処理アーキテクチャのFPGAへの実装と評価"

2015 IEEE Symposium on Low-Power and High-Speed Chips 2015 Featured Poster Award, Shohei Takeuchi "A Parameterized Many Core Simulator for Design Space Exploration"

2014 IEEE Symposium on Low-Power and High-Speed Chips 2014 Featured Poster Award, Masakazu Tanomoto "Performance Tuning of a Global Shallow-water Atmospheric Model on Xeon Phi"

2013 SLDM研究会優秀発表学生賞, 早苗駿一 "PPCに基づく高歩留まり回路の発見的設計手法"

2013 CPSY優秀若手講演賞, 國本将也 "永久故障回避のための等価命令列置換手法"

2013 情報処理学会コンピュータサイエンス領域研究会推薦博士論文, Tanvir Ahmed "Techniques to Reduce the Overhead and to Improve the Robustness in a Fault Tolerable Reconfigurable Architectuire"

2012 ICNC'12 Best Paper Award, Kazutaka KAMIMURA "A Speed-Up Technique for an Auto-Memoization Processor by Reusing Partial Results of Instruction Regions"

2011 情報処理学会コンピュータサイエンス領域研究会推薦博士論文, 吉村和浩 "高性能と低消費電力を実現するプロセッサに関する研究"

2010 電子情報通信学会集積回路研究会優秀若手研究ポスター賞, 大上俊 "アレイ型アクセラレータにおける演算器間ネットワークの設計"

2010 情報処理学会関西支部大会学生奨励賞, 渡邊良二 "サイクルレベルの空間及び時間冗長化技術を融合させた高信頼プロセッサの提案"

2010 ICNC'10 Best Paper Award, Tomoki IKEGAYA "A Speed-up Technique for an Auto-Memoization Processor by Collectively Reusing Continuous Iterations"

2010 SLDM研究会優秀発表学生賞, 大賀健司 "少品種高信頼セルを用いた高信頼回路設計手法と信頼性評価手法の提案"

2009 情報処理学会関西支部大会学生奨励賞, 上利宗久 "線形アレイ型VLIWプロセッサの面積効率評価"

2009 IEEE SSCS Japan Chapter Academic Research Award, 吉村和浩 "異種命令混在実行プロセッサOROCHIの開発"

2007 論文賞+船井ベストペーパー賞, 島崎裕介 "自動メモ化プロセッサの消費エネルギー評価"

IT w/ given hardware has no future

2019-proj-arm64/:IMAX(Near-memory Systolic Array)

2018-demo-openpose-1.2.0/:Open-pose/Jetson TX2


2015-experiment-lightfield/:lightfield image processing

2015-demo-unity/:Lightfiled demo


2014-proj-arm32/:EMAX4 simulator and samples

2014-proj-arm64/:ARM64 manycore simulator+EMAX5/IMAX

2012-proj-emax/:EMAX2:systolig ring accelerator

2012-proj-emin/:ARM emulator w/ 8bitCPU

2012-experiment-graph/:Graph analysis

2010-proj-sh2/:SH2 simulator

2009-proj-sap/:SAPP:SPARC64 manycor esimulator

2008-proj-lap/:LAPP,ELeRA:linear array accelerator

2007-proj-dep/:dual-rail dependable ALU

2006-proj-arm/:uClinux on ARM simulator

2006-experiment-asic/:LSI design practice

2006-experiment-draw/:drawing demo for SSH

2006-experiment-fpga/:FPGA+video processing

2006-proj-frv/:OROCHI:ARM+VLIW heterogeneous SMT

2002-proj-camp/:CAM+regional reuse

2000-experiment-stereo/:FPGA+depth extraction

1999-proj-jvm/:regional reuse for JAVA processors

1994-proj-rm/:IBM370/SPARC JIT emulator

1988-proj-vpp/:VPP simulator

1986-proj-dsm/:3D object arith

1986-basic-FFSM/:Fast Frequent Subgraph Mining

1986-basic-cache/:get capacity of cache

1986-experiment-cam/:CAM(gp600m) search

1986-basic-fxtv-1.03/:video capture

1986-basic-graph500/:graph apps

1986-basic-graphchi/:graph apps

1986-basic-iozone/:I/O performance

1986-basic-procimage/:image filters

1986-basic-snapshot/:snapshot tool




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